Arsonist serving 15 years is arrested weeks after absconding jail

Aldred Stanley, who absconded from Hollesley Bay prison in May

Aldred Stanley, who absconded from Hollesley Bay prison in May - Credit: Suffolk police

A man behind bars for several offences, including arson and robbery, has been arrested and returned to prison three weeks after absconding from Hollesley Bay.

Aldred Stanley — also known as Alfred Stanley — was reported missing from the Suffolk prison at 3pm on Saturday, May 22.

He was serving a 15-year sentence for arson, robbery and offences related to conspiracy to steal and to commit burglary.

The 43-year-old convict was at large for 21 days before being tracked down in the London area on Saturday, June 12, when he was returned to the prison system.

Police have thanked the media and the public for their help with the matter.

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