Suspended sentence for man who threatened to kill ex with a wrench

ipswich crown court

Tobias Wolfreys-Monk was sentenced at Ipswich Crown Court - Credit: Charlotte Bond

An Ipswich man who threatened to kill his former partner with a wrench after their relationship ended has been given a suspended prison sentence after his employer described him as “one of the finest young men he’d ever known".

Paul Whight, of Colne Priory, Earls Colne, told a judge at Ipswich Crown Court last week that Tobias Wolfreys-Monk was a “diligent and enthusiastic” worker and he didn’t recognise the violent man described in court.

He said Wolfreys-Monk was “one of the finest young men he’d ever known” and said he was willing to provide him with landscaping work and accommodation.

Wolfreys-Monk, 25, of Myrtle Road, Ipswich, admitted making a threat to kill, three offences of assault by beating and two offences of criminal damage.

He was unable to come to court from prison for his sentencing hearing last week because of Covid-19 and it was adjourned until Friday (January 28) when he was given a 24-month prison sentence suspended for two years.

He was also ordered to do 180 hours' unpaid work and a 25-day rehabilitation activity requirement.

The court had heard that Wolfreys-Monk had been in an on-and-off relationship with the victim for three years until it ended last August..

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In the early hours of October 12 last year he had turned up at her home and pushed his way into the house after shouting abuse at her.

He threatened to kill her and pushed her against a wall with his arm across her neck before going upstairs and pushing her new partner in the chest.

The police were called and as he left the house Wolfreys-Monk had  scratched the victim’s car with a key causing £400 damage.

On November 2, Wolfreys-Monk’s former partner arrived home to find him waiting at the end of her driveway holding a wrench.

He pushed her over and dragged her 10m along the ground before holding the wrench above his head and telling her: “I’m going to kill you with this wrench.”

He had then entered her house and had an argument with her partner and left after damaging an iPad.