Ipswich burglar with 'appalling record' raided homes before Christmas

Terry Evans who was jailed for burglary

Terry Evans from Ipswich was jailed for burglary - Credit: Suffolk police

A "callous” burglar who stole Christmas presents during a break-in at a house in Ipswich has been jailed for 45 months.

Terry Evans, who has eight previous convictions for house burglaries, caused more than £8,000 damage to the property in Westerfield Road, Ipswich, and among the presents he stole were gifts, including a teddy bear and children’s books, for the 67-year-old homeowner’s two young granddaughters.

In a statement read to the court the victim, who lives alone, said gratuitous damage had been caused to his home during the burglary, including internal doors being kicked open when they could have been opened by turning a key.

He accused 41-year-old Evans of intruding “callously” into his family life and said that as well as wrapped and labelled Christmas presents he had also stolen treasured memories from his childhood.

Evans, of Beaconsfield Road, Ipswich, admitted burglary at the property in Westerfield Road and two attempted burglaries at houses in Constable Road and Christchurch Street, Ipswich on December 6 last year.

Sentencing him, Recorder Jeremy Benson said he had an “appalling” record for burglary, both of dwelling houses and non- domestic premises.

During the sentencing hearing on Friday, Evans, who appeared via a prison video link, apologised to the victims of the burglaries and said he would like to meet them and take part in restorative justice.

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In the letter he said: “To all the victims of my crimes I’m sorry and deeply regret my actions.

“I didn’t target you as individuals. My past life caught up with me and I made big mistakes.”

He said he would like to meet the victims and tell them his story and how he came to that point in his life.

Matthew Sorel-Cameron, prosecuting, said the burglary and two attempted burglaries took place in the Christchurch Park area on December 6 last year.

Evans had attempted to force open a playroom window of a house in Constable Road, Ipswich, but was disturbed by the homeowner.

He had also attempted to kick open the kitchen door of a house in Christchurch Street and was again disturbed by the homeowner.

On both occasions Evans said he was at the properties to clean windows.

Juliet Donovan, for Evans, said her client had issues in the past with drugs and alcohol and wanted to get help.

“He is extremely remorseful,” said Miss Donovan.