Critically endangered calf born at Jimmy's Farm near Ipswich

The camel was born at Jimmy's Farm in Wherstead, near Ipswich

The camel was born at Jimmy's Farm in Wherstead, near Ipswich - Credit: Jimmy's Farm

A critically endangered calf has been born at a popular wildlife park near Ipswich.

The domesticated Bactrian camel calf was born at Jimmy's Farm, in Wherstead, at the end of last month. 

Born on May 31, the female domesticated Bactrian camel calf didn't have the best start to life as mum, Alice, had a two and a half hour labour.

Jimmy Doherty with the calf

Jimmy Doherty with the calf - Credit: Jimmy's Farm

When she was born at the wildlife park, which is owned by TV presenter Jimmy Doherty, the ranger team tried to help the calf stand, but she struggled. 

Standing within hours of being born is critical for a camel calf as they need to be upright to feed. 

When the calf did stand, Alice refused to feed the calf and the veterinary team at the farm discovered the new mum had an infection.

General manager Stevie Sheppard said: “It was a very worrying time at the start when Alice was in pain and we had to step in to feed the calf.

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"I’m so glad Alice recovered quickly and stepped in to the role of mum like a natural.

"It’s a joy to watch them play as a family when I drive into work.”

Alice pulled through, with regular vet check-ups and started to show an interest in her calf, allowing her to feed and the team stopped bottle feeding.

The calf, which is yet to be named, has two parents who have been at the wildlife park for several years. 

They are domesticated Bactrian camels and their wild counterparts are the only truly wild camels left to exist.