Dad is jailed for driving car as ex clung to roof

IPSWICH: A man tried to “scare” his ex-girlfriend into getting down from his car by driving down the street with her still on the roof.

Sanchez Hamilton drove erratically along Manchester Road, speeding up and slowing down in first and second gear, until the mother of his child fell from the roof of his Audi A3.

Ipswich Crown Court yesterday heard how she was left with serious facial injuries after trying to stop Hamilton from leaving his home in the early hours of May 9.

The couple had been separated, but 21-year-old Hamilton invited his ex back to his Lakeside Close address after the two met up the previous evening.

Lori Tucker, prosecuting, told the court: “There was some discussion as to him going back out but she thought he had been drinking and wasn’t going to let him.”

In protest, Hamilton’s ex-girlfriend, Mischa, climbed on top of his car – but he ignored her objections and reversed into the road. “His original intention was to scare her into getting off,” continued the prosecution. “But regrettably she fell off.”

Hamilton then drove her to the hospital where she remained for five days and was treated for fractures around the eye socket, from which a number of bone fragments were removed.

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Hamilton was arrested and also found with around a gramme of cannabis on him and in his home.

Defending him, Tariq Khawam, said: “He has clearly expressed remorse and pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

“He made an appalling decision which led to injuries sustained by the mother of his child.”

Judge Rupert Overbury told Hamilton: “Your actions were reckless in the extreme. You drove off intending to scare her into removing herself – but how she was supposed to do that without serious injury, I don’t know.

“She is a pretty young woman who now appears permanently scarred.”

Hamilton will serve no less than a year of a two-year jail term and is banned from driving for three years.