Dad's webcam shames drivers

YOU'VE been framed!That was the message today to thoughtless drivers who insist on ignoring pleas not to park on yellow lines outside a Suffolk school.

YOU'VE been framed!

That was the message today to thoughtless drivers who insist on ignoring pleas not to park on yellow lines outside a Suffolk school.

Karl Foley has become so frustrated that other parents have ignored pleas from Grange Primary School in Felixstowe – and even police patrols – that he has now set up a website aimed at "framing and shaming" the culprits.

He said: "The school has been writing to parents about this for months, if not years, and yet there are still a number of people who ignore these letters or don't think they apply to them.

"The teachers and governors have done everything they can to get the message across, we've even had police patrols along here.

"But still there are some people who ignore all these pleas. I haven't set up this website lightly or on whim – it's really a last resort, nothing else seems to have worked."

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Mr Foley was uncertain whether being identified on the web would have any effect.

He said: "Nothing else has worked with these people, so why should this? I can only try."

Mr Foley, of Coronation Drive, Felixstowe, was irritated because there was space to park on nearby roads – but not right outside the school.

"Many of the cars are people-carriers, I assume it is people dropping off a number of children at different schools," he said.

School headteacher Joan Bostock said many people shared Mr Foley's frustration about cars parking dangerously.

She said: "I'm not sure about publishing pictures of the cars, but I can certainly understand why he's doing that.

"We've written many letters to parents. We've appealed to them because it could be dangerous – but still some insist on parking there.

"We've even called in the police, they've patrolled the area twice this week alone. What is especially worrying is that there could be a confrontation between parents and that would not be good for the children."

A spokeswoman for Suffolk County Council said they would be sending road safety advisors to the school to see if they could offer any advice to help solve the problem.

A police spokeswoman said they were aware of the problem and have visited the school on a number of occasions.

She said: "Officers will patrol whenever possible and will take the necessary enforcement action, including issuing enforcement notices, but we do need parents to be aware that this is a serious road safety issue.

"While we cannot condone this action we do understand the frustration which has provoked this response and we appeal to drivers' common sense and for their co-operation in not parking where they could potentially put a child's life in danger."


Do you think Karl Foley is right to frame and shame the car drivers?

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Mark Smith, caretaker, said: "If it stops people parking there, it is a good thing. The drivers can't see the kids and the kids can't see the cars. It is a recipe for disaster."

Julie Milburn, of Maidstone Road, Felixstowe, who has two children at the school, said: "It is a good idea because it will stop them. I would stop doing it if I saw my picture on the Internet. We definitely need a lollipop lady here."

Susan Perkins, of Coronation Drive, Felixstowe, who has two grandchildren there, said: "I really think they should have a lollipop lady there."

Karen Dowfett, of Woodgates, Felixstowe, said: "The cars block the road and cause confusion. Some parents don't take any notice even though they have been told time and time again."

Donna Ellis, 43, of Deben Way, Felixstowe, who has a child there, said: "One car nearly backed into a child the other day. I don't blame Mr Foley for what he is doing; the parents shouldn't do it.

"While they have people keeping an eye on the situation they might not do it so much."

David Price, 28, of Trimley St Martin, whose wife works at the school, said: "The parking is awful round here, you can't park anywhere. There are quite a few kids who come straight out into the road."

Pat Foley, of Coronation Drive, Felixstowe, said: "Last Tuesday there were two children who were nearly run over. The parents who park on the yellow lines should be punished or fined. Someone is going to be killed."

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