Dangerous driver, 60, admits clattering into two cars in Ipswich after taking heroin

South East Suffolk Magistrates Court

South East Suffolk Magistrates Court - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

A 60-year-old dangerous driver has admitted clattering into two cars when he got behind the wheel having taken heroin.

Simon Dunlop at Ipswich magistrate court

Simon Dunlop at Ipswich magistrate court

Simon Dunlop, of Gaye Street, Ipswich, is now facing a crown court sentencing after pleading guilty to dangerous driving, failing to stop after an accident and drug-driving when appearing before the town’s magistrates.

The incident concluded when police had to smash his window and grab his keys from the ignition while he was revving up the car as he attempted to extricate himself from a collision with industrial rubbish bins.

An officer then had to PAVA spray Dunlop who still thought he could attempt to drive off, despite having no key.

Dunlop’s car ended up without a front bumper, its front tyres punctured and buckled and minus the front number plate.

A silver Honda Civic was left heavily damaged and another car was hit in the Elliot Street and Burlington Road area at around 11.40pm on May 30, according to police.

During Dunlop’s magistrates court hearing, prosecutor Colette Harper said police were travelling in a van along Norwich Road when they saw Dunlop’s Ford Ka was damaged and did not have a front bumper.

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Although they turned around to follow it, the officers lost the Ka after it turned into Bramford Road.

Subsequently they were in Benezet Street when they spotted the Ka in Gaye Street.

Mrs Harper said it struck another vehicle and drove into some industrial bins.

Officers got out of their van and ran 150 yards to the vehicle which was revving its engine loudly.

Dunlop attempted to drive away but his car was jammed between the bins and a silver Honda Civic.

The court was told officers drew their batons to smash their way into the car.

As Dunlop tried to disentangle his vehicle it knocked against a female officer as she was between a bin and the rear quarter of the car.

She jumped backwards and the car caught her hand.

The officer started to strike the passenger window to alert Dunlop and get him to stop.

Her male colleague hit the driver’s window four or five times the court heard, but Dunlop continued to drive forward.

Other officers arrived and Dunlop was eventually sprayed with PAVA.

The key was taken from the car’s ignition but Dunlop still thought he could drive it, magistrates heard.

Mrs Harper said Dunlop tried to pull his arms away from police and there was a smell of burning clutch and rubber from the vehicle.

When police searched Dunlop they found a burnt piece of foil in one of his pockets.

Dunlop’s arms and hands were said to have been shaking and he was grinding his teeth. He appeared confused and later told a doctor he had taken heroin earlier in the day.

Magistrates committed the case to Ipswich Crown Court for sentencing, releasing Dunlop on unconditional bail.

As he left the dock he told them: “Can I take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience or hurt I have caused.”