Death warning after brick attacks

A GRIM warning message that someone could be killed was issued today after two motorists had a lucky escape when vandals hurled house bricks at their vehicles on the A14.

A GRIM warning message that someone could be killed was issued today after two motorists narrowly escaped death when vandals hurled house bricks at their vehicles on the A14.

The terrifying incidents yesterdaycome on the back of two similar attacks little more than a week ago and follow a similar shocking spate in spring this year.

A victim of a previous brick throwing incident on the A14 today issued a stark warning that somebody could die unless action is taken.

The first of the two latest incidents was reported at 7.25pm last night by a lorry driver who was driving Stowmarket-bound along the A14 at the Whitehouse Interchange, near Ipswich.

A brick was thrown from a bridge over the road and the impact smashed the driver's cab windscreen but he escaped uninjured.

Less than ten minutes later, police were called after another motorist struck by an object while travelling in the same direction along the A14 at Sproughton. The windscreen of this vehicle was mashed but the driver was also uninjured.

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It is the fourth time in the space of nine days such incidents have occurred.

Police swooped yesterday after receiving information and arrested a teenager from Ipswich. A further arrest is expected to be made today.

Chief Inspector Bruce Robinson, district commander for Ipswich, said: “We are extremely concerned by this.

“The message to those individuals doing this is to stop it now.”

Chief Inspector Robinson said police are working with Ipswich Borough Council, Suffolk County Council and the Highways Agency to tackle the issue.

This includes carrying out work on the carriageway by erecting barriers and cutting back verges through to educating youngsters on the effect of such actions.

Earlier this month, on, Monday November 5, two other vehicles were attacked.

At around 7.30pm, a white Ford Transit van being driven towards Stowmarket on the A14 in Ipswich near the Landmark building was struck by an object causing a small dent in the nearside door.

About 15 minutes later, a silver Subaru Impreza travelling along the A14 at Sproughton was also struck by an object, causing damage to the bonnet, bumper and vent.

Kevin Smith, 37, of Bury St Edmunds, was the victim of a previous brick throwing incident on the A14 back in 2004.

Mr Smith, a lorry driver, said: “Somebody could be killed from this or an accident resulting from it.

“Whoever is doing this must know what they are doing.

“Picking up a brick and hurling it at a car from a bridge is the same as picking up a gun and firing it at someone.

“They should be done for attempted murder.”

Anyone with information about the attacks is asked to call Suffolk police on 01473 613500.

Are you a victim of the recent spate of brick-throwing incidents? Contact The Evening Star newsdesk on 01473 324788 or e-mail

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IN May police swooped on the West Meadows travellers' site in Bury Road on the outskirts of Ipswich following a series of incidents on the A14.

Several arrests were made during the operation, which was targeted those responsible for dropping objects from and over a bridge and firing objects on to the carriageway.

A number of people were cautioned as a result of the arrests.

During one of the incidents earlier this year a group of Ipswich teenagers including Kirsha Dyer, sister of former Town footballer Kieron Dyer, dashed to the aid of a couple whose car ploughed into an embankment.

Ms Dyer, as well as 19-year-old Daniel Cunningham and Daniel Parnell, spotted the aftermath of the smash on the A14 just moments after a paving slab was thrown from a bridge over the A14 at a ford Focus.

On that occasion the driver of the car, a man from Bury St Edmunds, suffered cuts while his female passenger was left shaken.

In 2003, Michael Little, from Hornchurch in Essex, died from heart failure after a brick thrown from a footbridge on the M3 went through his windscreen and hit him in the chest.

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