Delight as town crowned yo-yo winners

VIDEO & GALLERY WE DID IT!Ipswich went yo-yo crazy when it mattered and spun itself straight into the record books.

Tom Potter


Ipswich went yo-yo crazy when it mattered and spun itself straight into the record books.

Weeks of planning paid off as a throng gathered on the Cornhill to try to beat the record of having the highest number of people simultaneously yo-yoing for two minutes.

A total of 435 people broke the record on the final attempt - three more than the previous holders.

After the good news was confirmed by the Guinness adjudicators, Ipswich Central's Paul Clement said: “I'm absolutely exhausted. “It's been five or six weeks of hard work but it's been leading up to a fantastic day.

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“The weather was great so people had the option of going to the beach but they chose to come here and help put Ipswich in the record books.

“The previous holders were a town in Canada so not only have we brought the record to Ipswich but we have also brought it over to Britain.”

Cedarview Middle School in Ontario, Canada, were undisputed holders of the record since June 2006 and several unsuccessful attempts have been made on the title in the last two years.

It was touch-and-go on the Cornhill for a moment after the harsh judging team deemed the first two attempts ineligible but the crowd held it together and produced the goods when it mattered.

More than 630 people had registered to take part in the 'Spin' event organised by Ipswich Central, so some last minute recruitment was required before the spinning could begin.

Before the third attempt, the tension was palpable as the crowd raised their yo-yos for one last shot.

Two minutes later, Ipswich and the gathered masses were confirmed as world record breakers.

Mr Clement said: “I was more than a little bit worried but we did it in the end.

“Today was primarily about having fun, especially in these times of doom and gloom, but hundreds of people came along and had just that.”

But despite allowing himself more than a month to practice, Mr Clement and the Ipswich Central team laid no claim to being an expert in the fine art.

He said: “My father always used to say that you could tell a cobbler by all the holes he has in his shoes. You wouldn't know we've had any practice by the way we were doing it.”

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The 'Spin' event, which was held in partnership with the New Wolsey Theatre, was supported by dozens of companies and organisations in the area with a total of 15,000 free yo-yos being given out in the run up to the big event.

Ipswich Town Football Club gave its support to the challenge, with goalkeeper Shane Supple, new signing Kevin Lisbie, Billy Clarke and Dan Harding having a go with their yo-yos on the training ground.

Ipswich MP Chris Mole also embraced the challenge and was there yesterday with his family.

The Void, Britain's 2003 yo-yo champion, visited the town ahead of the Ipswich Central world record breaking attempt.

One of Britain's most skilful jugglers, Arron Sparks, showed his support throughout the lead up to the big spin and was even on the steps of the Town Hall to see it all happen on the day.