Do you know where the Ipswich Society blue plaques are in Ipswich? Try our quiz

Test your knowledge on the whereabouts of The Ipswich Society’s blue plaques which pay tribute to our town’s most distinguished people.

If you walk through Ipswich you may notice blue plaques scattered in locations across the town.

They are in tribute to some of the most distinguished people that were either born here, or have lived here at some point in their lives. The Ipswich Society began installing the plaques after the turn of the century, and it has proved to be an important part of this town’s history.

In October 2016, Mary Whitmore, Margaret Tempest, Nina Layard and Constance Andrews were added to the list of those honoured for their contributions to the town following criticism from feminist groups for the lack of distinguished women being paid tribute to.

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Those who are commemorated with a blue plaque range from artists such as Leonard Squirrell and Thomas Gainsborough, the UK’s first female pilot Edith Maud Cook, architect Leslie Barefoot, the first female mayor of Ipswich Mary Whitmore, among many others. For more information on The Ipswich Society’s blue plaques, please visit their page.