Dozens of readers report pot-hole misery

It's the issue which is today driving motorists mad - the pot-holed state of the county's roads.

SUFFOLK: It's the issue which is today driving motorists mad - the pot-holed state of the county's roads.

The Evening Star has been inundated with messages from people in Ipswich and the surrounding areas who are getting fed up with their cars hitting the craters or having to swerve around them.

Our Spot the Pot campaign, launched to highlight the atrocious problems, has had an enormous response with readers flagging up holes in dozens of streets, with many people worried about them causing an accident or costly damage to their vehicles.

Today our message is - keep those reports coming in! If you see a pothole, tell us.

We will be sending details of every pothole reported to us to the borough or county council to help them in the battle to get the area's streets back to normal.

Pauline Ely, of Parnell Road, has been left very concerned at the state of the roads in the Whitton area.

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“We have a huge pothole right outside our driveway which appeared during the first snow before Christmas and it is getting deeper every day,” she said.

She had also seen other holes in Byron Road and Macaulay Road.

Rev Paul Bourner, vicar of St Thomas's Church, said there were deep potholes in Cromer Road and the situation was “very dangerous” - adding that one member of the congregation had suffered wheel damage in one.

Pothole spotter Irene Wragg identified a catalogue of craters in Robin Drive, Ellenbrook Green, Belmont Road, Stoke Park Drive, Prince of Wales Drive into Maidenhall Approach, the bus lane outside Princes Street Fire Station, Renfrew Road, Crown Street, St Matthews Street, Museum Street, Wolsey Street, Mallard Way, Shakespeare Road, Foxhall Road, Defoe Road, Fircroft Road, Congreve Road, Elmcroft Road and Beechcroft Road.

Other readers reported three potholes in Lower Dales View Road, and a substantial stretch of potholes along Kingsgate Drive and Colchester Road, and more in Cemetery Lane.

If you spot a pothole, give us a call, send an e-mail or a picture to tell us where the hole is located, if possible with a post code - call newsdesk on 01473 324788 or email