Driver could be prosecuted over crash

A 61-year-old man is today waiting to see whether he will face prosecution following a crash which saw three people taken to hospital.

IPSWICH: A 61-year-old man is today waiting to see whether he will face prosecution following a crash which saw three people taken to hospital.

Motorists in the town faced delays during a nightmare morning rush-hour on Monday, which included the collision between a silver Mazda and a blue Rover in West End Road.

The accident occurred at 7.15am outside the Coopers BMW garage at the junction of Handford Road, Yarmouth Road and London Road.

The 61-year-old driver of the Mazda and the vehicle's two occupants were taken to Ipswich Hospital with minor injuries. They were discharged later in the day.

However, a Suffolk Constabulary spokeswoman said the driver has been interviewed by police officers.

A decision with now be taken in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service over whether any offences were committed relating to the accident.

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The aftermath of the crash initially prompted fears of a more serious collision in terms of injuries.

Firefighters used hydraulic cutting equipment to free three men from the Mazda.

A 42-year-old man was placed on a spinal board suffering possible neck and spinal injuries.

The driver of the blue Rover, which had been coming from the Yarmouth Road direction, was released from their car when the roof was cut off and was able to walk from the wreckage.

Large queues blighted drivers' journeys to work as West End Road was closed while emergency services resolved the incident. The road was opened again at 9am.

Elsewhere Wherstead Road was also gridlocked during Monday morning, as it was throughout the day and yesterday.

Roadworks caused tailbacks stretching to the slip road to the A14 to make it a bleak start to the week.

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The junction has long been a problem. Some of the cause is that those that want to turn right into Yarmouth Road from London Road their vision is blocked.

The lights show green at two directions at the same time.

Richard Garrard

Drivers get frustrated when the lights turn green but you can't move because the route is blocked by drivers from another direction. It would be massively improved by making it a box junction.

John Felton

The town was never designed to take the amount of traffic we have. And they want to build yet more homes and then think about the infrastructure later!

Woolly One

The Highways Agency need to review these lights as the sequence is totally wrong. Traffic lights are suppose to ease traffic flow ... these ones are not set to work with the ones further down Handford Road so all they do is hold each other up so you then get tailbacks and people jumping lights.

Brenden Ward