Driver's fury at �127 wheel repair bill

A DISGRUNTLED motorist is facing a �127 bill after his alloy wheel was wrecked by a large pothole in Ipswich.

A DISGRUNTLED motorist is facing a �127 bill after his alloy wheel was wrecked by a large pothole in Ipswich.

Chris Bettin was driving along Tuddenham Road last Wednesday when his N-registered Ford Mondeo plunged into a six-foot gap in the tarmac.

The front passenger tyre and wheel were completely ruined - now the 30-year-old is attempting to recoup the cost of a replacement by making a claim to Ipswich Borough Council.

Mr Bettin, of Seaton Road, Felixstowe, said: “I was taking one of my mates home from work and was driving down Tuddenham Road when I heard a great big bang.

“I got to the roundabout and thought one end of the car looked a bit lower than the rest. When I checked, the wheel was ruined.

“I couldn't have seen the pothole because it was dark and there is no street lighting along that part of Tuddenham Road.

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“I have been quoted �127 plus VAT for the wheel to be replaced, but the car is only worth about �300. I have tried to have it repaired but there's nothing that can be done.

“I have put a claim in to Ipswich Borough Council. They asked if I was going to claim on my insurance but it was not my fault so why should I?”

Another motorist, Judith Ransome, told The Evening Star there were two “nasty” potholes in Tuddenham Road.

She said: “Anyone could have severe damage to their wheels if they hit these and if they were on a motorcycle, god help them.

“I travel along that road on a regular basis so I know where the potholes are but if something was coming in the opposite direction then it would be difficult to avoid them.

“The road surface between the two bridges near Gresham's and the new cemetery within the 30mph limit is a disgrace. “I am sure it was only quite recently that the whole of that road was resurfaced - let's hope it's on the list to be done yet again.”

Last week, Grittel Brown told how two wheels of her car were damaged by a pothole in Tuddenham Road.

The 46-year-old, from Rendlesham, said: “All of a sudden I heard this almighty thud. I managed to pull into the social club car park and stayed there until a tow truck arrived.”

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