Drivers urged to take care

Drivers are being urged to take it easy on the county's roads over the next 24 hours.With more snow set to fall over Suffolk the AA has issued a list of helpful advice.

Drivers are being urged to take it easy on the county's roads over the next 24 hours.

With more snow set to fall over Suffolk the AA has issued a list of helpful advice.

When driving on icy roads, drivers should minimise the use of brakes to reduce the risk of sliding: keep speed down; stay in a higher gear to aid traction; read the road ahead; anticipate hazards; and keep well apart from other vehicles.

The AA is advising drivers to check local traffic and weather reports before departing and to heed any police advice about whether or not to travel.

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The AA has also issued the following advice:

Motorists who haven't been able to use their car so far this week are being advised to sit in it and run the engine up to operating temperature - typically in around 10 minutes - before switching off, to help prevent problems;

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The AA is seeing a substantial increase in the number of call-outs to people getting locked out of their car - they leave the engine running while clearing the windows but many modern cars have an automatic locking system, which is catching out drivers;

AA patrols report that many drivers are struggling to get their car doors open - try all the doors and if you can get in via any one, it's normally easier to open the others by pushing from the inside than by pulling on the outside handle. To reduce the risk of it happening again, a useful tip is to smear a thin layer of petroleum jelly on the door seals, once they have been released. The AA also recommends squirting some WD40 into the door locks (including the fuel cap lock) to disperse any water, reducing the risk of a frozen door lock - warm water is not recommended, as it will just freeze inside the lock and on the ground, creating a slippery hazard!

To reduce the build-up of condensation inside the vehicle, another AA tip is to keep the interior of the car dry by removing damp rags, snow-covered wellies and clothing items from the car overnight;

The AA also recommends that people periodically clear the snow off cars that have been left sitting - this prevents ice building up, which is much harder to clear, and reduces the risk of frozen door locks and door seals;

It is also very important that drivers clear all the snow off the top of their car, as when the snow melts a little and the driver brakes or is going downhill, the snow will suddenly slide over the windscreen. This is highly dangerous as the driver will not be able to see anything and the wipers may not be able to clear a large quantity of snow quickly, if at all;

The AA is encouraging motorists to tell it about potholes, grit and impassable roads on the AA Zone:

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