Drunken man’s butt at Ipswich doorman costs him more than £600

South East Suffolk Magistrates Court

South East Suffolk Magistrates Court - Credit: Sarah Lucy brown

A 22-year-old Ipswich man asked magistrates to ban him from the town centre after butting a doorman at a nightspot while drunk.

However instead, Joshua Sykes, of Cliff Lane, must pay more than £600 after pleading guilty at South East Suffolk Magistrates Court to assaulting Kieran McCusker on June 14.

Prosecutor Lesla Small said the incident occurred at around 1.50am.

Mr McCusker was working at Sin Bar in the Cattle Market where Sykes was refused entry.

Ms Small said Sykes took umbrage at not being let in and appeared to be drunk.

The court was told Mr McCusker had said he opened the rope to ask Sykes to step out of the queue.

Suddenly Sykes leapt and thrust his head forward towards the doorman, connecting with one of his shoulders and the side of his chin.

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Sykes was detained and arrested.

He told police he had been drinking around the town before the incident, originally claiming he was not drunk and had wanted to get into Sin.

There was an exchange of words and then he went to butt Mr McCusker.

Sykes admitted to officers that his actions were stupid and he did not know why he had acted in such a way.

Magistrates heard he had previous convictions for violent offences in 2010 and 2013.

Addressing the court Sykes, who represented himself, said: “I’m quite disgusted, as are my family and my other half.”

He said that while he was on bail awaiting his court appearance he had been banned from the town centre area.

Sykes said he was intended to go on a detox from alcohol to help himself.

He then told magistrates: “I would like a two-year ban from the area I have been banned from (while on bail).”

Sykes was ordered to pay Mr McCusker £100 compensation and fined £260.

He was also told he must pay £85 costs, a £26 victim surcharge and a criminal courts charge of £150.