Could dry January help you ‘live your best life’ in 2019?

Bar staff at Ipswich Revolution are creating alcohol free cocktails for Dry January. Picture: REVOLU

Bar staff at Ipswich Revolution are creating alcohol free cocktails for Dry January. Picture: REVOLUTION - Credit: Bar staff at Ipswich Revolution creating one of their popular cocktails. Picture: REVOLUTION

More than four million people will ditch the booze and start the new year healthier according to a recent poll – but where in Suffolk can you go for a non-alcoholic drink?

Every year people across the county join Alcohol Change UK’s Dry January, giving up alcohol and adopting a healthier lifestyle after the excesses of Christmas.

And the benefits are likely to far out live any new year resolutions you are likely to make because research carried out by the University of Sussex shows that more than 70% of dry January volunteers are still drinking less riskily six months afterwards.

The research, which involved 800 dry January participants, showed that 88% saved money, 80% felt more in control of their drinking, 58% had lost weight and 71% realised they don’t need a drink to enjoy themselves.

Alcohol free cocktails

Revolution in Ipswich have introduced their own cocktail, fittingly named ‘designated driver’, which they claim may even tempt you to “request to be the designated driver” this January as you start your new year off on the right foot.

The fruity concoction includes a mix of pineapple juice, coconut, lime, blueberry jam and Red Bull tropical edition for a hangover-free happy mix.

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A spokesman for Revolution Ipswich said: “In January we are introducing ‘low and no’ alcoholic by volume (ABV) cocktail specials that include both low alcohol and alcohol free options. These will be created to appeal to resolution makers who are still looking for a good time and live their best life in 2019.”

Cosy Club in Ipswich also have a wide range of mocktails for those wanting to snap the perfect Instagram shogt – minus the booze.

Take your pick from a ‘Bucking Mule’, ‘Virgin Mary’ or ‘Virgin Mojito’ and get all the buzz you need without having a fuzzy head the following morning.

Zero-alcohol beers and ciders

St Peter’s Brewery in Bungay sell their own alcohol-free beer in a number of Morrison’s stores nationwide. Last February they revealed a 40% rise in sales throughout Dry January.

Chief executive Steve Magnall said: “The great thing about Dry January is not only the fact that is an excellent initiative, but it also helps to highlight the quality and diversity of alcohol-free drinks now available in the UK.”

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Two entrepreneurial brothers from Suffolk have also followed the alcohol-free cider trend, launching Nonsuch Shrubs – a quality soft drinks alternative which they believe can “hold their own” against alcoholic beverages.

A good cause

Although dry January is organised by Alcohol Change UK, a number of local charities are always on the lookout for people raising money on their behalf.

Former drinkers could donate the money they would have spent on alcohol to St Elizabeth Hospice, Lighthouse Women’s Aid or Community Action Suffolk, or you could get friends to sponsor you, making it more of a challenge.