80-year-old woman was stuck in a lift for 10 hours

Harvest House

Harvest House in Felixstowe. PICTURE: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

A property company has been slammed as "disgraceful" after an 80-year-old woman was stuck in a lift for 10 hours. 

Maureen Groom became trapped in the lift at Harvest House in Felixstowe for 10 hours from 9.30pm last Tuesday (January 18) until 8am the following day. 

Her son Paul said a buzzer system was in place at the accommodation in Cobbold Road, which consists of apartments for older people who live independently. 

However, the problem with the lift was not resolved and she was not released until the following morning. 

When he called Harvest House Ltd, which owns the freehold for Harvest House, about the situation, he was told the lift had been fixed, while nearly a week passed before his mother received an apology for the delay in releasing her. 

Mr Groom added: “It took almost a week to get an apology, which at 80 year old is disgraceful because they should be investigating it and doing more.” 

He said the traumatic experience had affected his mother’s health and did not want other residents to go through a similar situation at the former hotel, which provides 59 apartments for people aged 55 or over. 

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“My concern is as much for other residents in there as my mother. I just want to ensure that things like this do not happen again.  

“I am just concerned that a person left in a lift for 10 hours could result in serious injury or death,” Mr Groom said. 

Built by Douglas Tollemache, the building opened as the prestigious Felix Hotel on May 14, 1903, and was known as the "millionaires' hotel" because of its rich and sometimes famous guests.

It was a hotel for nearly 50 years, the head office for Fisons for 30 years and then divided into retirement apartments in the 1980s.

Communal facilities include the Palm Court, dining room and sun lounge, kitchen, games room, chapel, laundry, gardens and a nine-hole putting green. 

Nobody from Harvest House Ltd was available for comment.