Eleven pigs we would like to see join Pigs Gone Wild

Pigs Gone Wild around Ipswich. Hide and Seek.

Pigs Gone Wild around Ipswich. Hide and Seek. - Credit: Archant

As the Pigs Gone Wild trail has come to an end, the Ipswich Star reporters have been busy reflecting on the trail’s legacy and what other pigs we could have seen join the popular porkers.

Here, we come up with eleven pigs we would like to see:

1) Lewis Ham-ilton: With the three-time Formula One champion soaring at the top of this year’s championship, what better way to honour the Mercedes driver than with the fastest pig in Ipswich?

2) Hammy Swinette: Hammy Swinette would be famous across Ipswich for her lilting country songs as families enjoy the trail.

3) The Hogfather: The legendary gangster’s piggy persona would most likely be found in an Ipswich back-alley. Not to be confused with Terry Pratchett’s character, who could also be the town’s festive pig.

4) Aurora Boarealis: Aurora Boarealis could rival the colourful designs of Pepper Pig, Pig n Mix and Pinata Pig with its swirling Northern Lights-inspired coat.

5) The Grand Old Duke of Pork: The nursery rhyme favourite would be a hit with the kids.

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6) David Hasseltrough: Ipswich’s coolest 1980s pig.

7) Uncle Ham: Uncle Ham needs you to join the Pigs Gone Wild trail!

8) Laura Trott-er: The British cycling heroine could show off her two gold medals from Rio to help inspire the other pigs around town.

9) Sty Stallone: Suffolk’s toughest pig.

10) Harry Trotter: Harry would be a bewitching addition to the trail, casting his spell over trail enthusiasts.

11) Lester Piglet: Inspired by the legendary jockey, Lester Piglet would join Ham-ilton and Trott-er in the piggy sporting line-up.

What pigs would you like to have seen? Comment below with your suggestions or email newsroom@archant.co.uk