Embattled Cyril targeted again

EMBATTLED pensioner Cyril Page today spoke the constant barrage of vandalism and arson attacks that are making his life a living nightmare.



EMBATTLED pensioner Cyril Page today spoke the constant barrage of vandalism and arson attacks that are making his life a living nightmare.

The 84-year-old Dunkirk veteran says he is frightened after yet another incident today saw a motorcycle torched and set on fire, destroying part of his neighbour's fence.

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"It's becoming a regular thing these days," he said.

"Part of the fence was set on fire in a similar incident last week. "It's getting worse around here and this road is being deliberately targeted It's no coincidence and it's making our lives hell."

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In the latest in a long line of incidents Mr Page called the fire service out at about 2am today after he heard a bang and saw his neighbour's fence on fire.

"I heard a noise and pocked my head out of the window and the fence was on fire. The flames were very high and so close to her house.

"Again the culprits had stolen a bike, driven it around the playing field and then set it on fire."

Mr Page of Bantoft Terrace, Ipswich, said having lived at his home for 30 years he is now considering moving out as things are getting so bad.

"My daughters keep going on at me to move but I would be just like a rat leaving a sinking ship," he said.

" I don't see why I should be hounded out but I am getting fed up and tired of the endless trouble and abuse."

Only last week the Evening Star reported how Mr Page's elderly neighbour had her fence set alight after vandals drove two motorbikes into her fence and then doused them with petrol.

Also in February Mr Page appeared on the front of the paper after he had returned home to find his bungalow had been burgled. In that incident thieves removed a heavy steel gate off its hinges in order to gain entry and stole Christmas presents, video recorder and his Spanish air gun.

A police spokesman said: "We are treating the fire as suspicious our investigations are continuing.

"The incidents in this area are happening on a regular basis and we would ask people living nearby to be vigilant and to ensure their vehicles are secure to limit the opportunity for opportunist thieves.

"We would ask anybody who has information regarding this incident to contact us immediately and urge anyone who witnesses a crime in progress to dial 999."

Anyone with information should call Suffolk police on 01473 613500.

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