End in sight to satnav misery

STEPS are to be taken to try to deal with a sat nav problem causing traffic jams in a tiny close not big enough for a handful of cars.

STEPS are to be taken to try to deal with a sat nav problem causing traffic jams in a tiny close not big enough for a handful of cars.

Residents of Manor Road, off High Road in Trimley St Mary, are fed up with finding streams of cars full of bewildered parents with young footballers suddenly clogging up the tucked away private shingled road.

It usually happens on a weekend morning - with the footballers expecting to find themselves at Stennetts Memorial Playing Field.

Householders say on other days delivery drivers end up stuck and having to reverse out of the dead end, and the extra traffic is causing damage residents have to repair.

Bryan Frost, chairman of Trimley St Mary Parish Council, said the council was keen to help but had been told by the county highways department it would not pay to move or amend the current sign at the junction off High Road as it is a private road.

“We appear to have three options,” said Mr Frost.

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“The residents of Manor Road could be invited to pay as they are the ones suffering inconvenience from the vehicles being directed into their road by the vehicle sat navs.

“Secondly, we as a council could make a contribution to have the signs changed and made clearer, or we could try again and approach the county council to see if they would perhaps contribute.”

Councillors agreed the best option would be to cut the foliage back around the existing sign, which says no vehicles except for access, and get an estimate for the cost of an addition to the Manor Road sign to say “no entry to Stennetts Field”.

“If we were prepared to pay for the add-on rather than moving it and drivers could see clearly what it said it might solve the problems,” said Mr Frost.

Talks would take place with residents to see what form of words might be best for the extra sign.

Many years ago vehicles could get through to The Avenue via the junction until bollards were put in place and sat nav systems appear to be programmed with outdated data.

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