Ex-pupils pay tribute to much-loved head

Ipswich: Former pupils have spoken of their memories following the death of a respected headteacher.

Colin Bower, who was appointed head of Thurleston Mixed Secondary Modern – now Ormiston Endeavour Academy – when the school first opened, died at the age of 85.

The Defoe Road school was the first mixed secondary modern in the town, opening with 300 pupils in 1958 and officially opening in 1961.

Robbie Adams, 62, attended Thurleston from 1960 to 1965.

He said: “He used to take us for boxing and he taught us right from wrong.

“His morals were high and he tried to pass that on to us.”

Former pupil Trevor Brame, 62, described Mr Bower as “the pupils’ head.” He said: “He had a great influence on my life and career and I will always be very proud and grateful to have known him.”

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Former pupil Darrell Chalkley, 62, was involved in the school’s jubilee celebrations in November and visited Mr Bower in October for an interview.

“There was a tremendous respect for the man,” he said. “I and my fellow pupils held him in high regard.”

In the interview, Mr Bower discussed his time at Thurleston, recalling many happy memories and describing the new school as “bright, cheerful and attractive.”

Mr Bower left Thurleston in 1966 and eventually retired as a schools’ inspector in Essex in 1989. His funeral took place in Chelmsford yesterday.

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