Extra cash to fight hospital infections

IPSWICH Hospital will spend another £300,000 cracking down on the spread of infections, it was announced today.

IPSWICH Hospital will spend another £300,000 cracking down on the spread of infections, it was announced today.

The hospital is to launch a cash injection into cleaning techniques and upgrading hand washing facilities and portable toilets.

It aims to further reduce outbreaks of infections, such as MRSA, C-Diff and the Norovirus winter vomiting bug, following a grant from the East of England Strategic Health Authority's (SHA) infection control projects budget.

Hospital spokeswoman Jan Rowsell said: “We are investing in several areas as success is dependent on laying strong foundations.

“There's no single solution so we are trying to use the money across key areas.”

The hospital will step up its use of microfibre cleaning, which uses state-of-the-art cleaning cloths and removing the need for buckets of water which can easily spread germs.

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It will upgrade hand basins and commodes and is investing in infection control software which will give monthly reports on hygiene throughout the hospital buildings.

Visitors are also set to get further reminders on the importance of washing their hands before going into and leaving clinical areas.

Last month The Evening Star revealed hygiene messages to reduce MRSA outbreaks at the hospital were not being adhered to by medical staff.

According to a report from the Department of Health, a worrying percentage of staff were not following simple advice about hand hygiene, ward cleanliness and other anti-infection measures. The hospital has now developed an action plan in response.

West Suffolk Hospital in Bury St Edmunds has also received a £300,000 package of improvements.

Projects will include increasing the number of hand washbasins on the wards, installing doors separating the first floor wards to reduce the likelihood of micro-organisms spreading, introducing automatic doors thereby reducing the need for people to touch them and anti-microbial coated curtains.

Infection control doctor Dr Caroline Barker said: “We will now be able to make some real improvements in the ward environment and establish an even more rigorous equipment cleaning programme.”

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