Coronavirus: Anti Loo-Roll Brigade reaching out to get vital supplies to people who need them

Daniel Harvey, David Thomas and Ash Seward, members of the new Ipswich Anti-Loo Roll Brigade Faceboo

Daniel Harvey, David Thomas and Ash Seward, members of the new Ipswich Anti-Loo Roll Brigade Facebook group . Picture: Ipswich Anti-Loo Roll Brigade - Credit: Ipswich Anti-Loo Roll Brigade

A new Facebook group, Ipswich Anti-Loo Roll Brigade, is reaching out to help vulnerable people in Ipswich during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ipswich Anti-Loo Roll Brigade logo and information panel

The Ipswich Anti-Loo Roll Brigade logo and information panel - Credit: Ipswich Anti-Loo Roll Brigade

The group aims to ease problems caused by hoarding of basics like toilet rolls, food and hand sanitisers, creating a help network for elderly people and others in need of necessities.

Daniel Harvey, one of the group admins, said: “We followed an initiative from Colchester, who have their own mutual aid group. We feel it’s a necessity more than ever to let the community know the importance of communication.

“Our plan is to be able to provide outreach support to those that are in need and reassurance/companionship through our online group.”

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Mr Harvey added: “We understand, as time goes on, there will be a greater demand on food banks and those who are already isolated within the community will feel even more lonely.

“We have advised the use of postcards so people are able to post these around to houses in their local area. From leaving your number so they have someone to talk to helps immensely, to offering to collect mail/urgent supplies or food shopping if it is needed.

“We have already managed to do some outreach work within the community by supporting vulnerable people getting their essentials. I am checking up on some of the people around me by popping my number through doors too.”

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The group has gathered more than 5,000 members within a few days, and is growing fast.

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Mr Harvey said he was surprised by how fast it had grown. “It is incredibly reassuring, and numbers are increasing by the minute. We have had interest and support from local/national businesses, schools, radio stations and lots of kind people from all over Suffolk,” he said.

“We are now a part of the national database of community aid groups in the UK. There are over 300 groups in total.”

He paid tribute to businesses who are creating care packages, including The Raven pub in Ipswich. “I am overwhelmed with the proactivity and the kindness being shown within our community. I already know that this group will be a valuable resource and platform for all involved.”

He added: “We all play a big part in our music scene and are passionate around mental health. I work in multiple projects and have been involved in community engagement for quite some years.”

If you need help, call 0333 772 1686. If you can offer support to others, visit the Ipswich Anti-Loo Roll Facebook group here.

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