Fairground rider trapped on waltzer

INVESTIGATIONS were due to start today after a young woman fell and became trapped in an accident on a funfair ride at Felixstowe Carnival.

INVESTIGATIONS were due to start today after a young woman fell and became trapped in an accident on a funfair ride at Felixstowe Carnival.

Hundreds of revellers watched as firefighters and ambulance crews worked for more than 20 minutes to rescue the victim from the waltzer ride after she became stuck under one of the cars.

Carnival organisers said the young woman, believed to be 16 years old, had somehow “slid off” the ride and described it as a freak accident.

She was taken to Ipswich Hospital as a precaution after injuring her back.

Carnival chairman Peter Nunn said it was the first time there had been an accident at the event.

He said: “It is a real mystery as to what has happened because there is nothing wrong with the ride at all. All we can understand is that somehow the woman slid off and fell under the edge of the ride.

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“There will have to be an investigation because there is a rail to hold everyone in the cars in place and everyone was checked as usual before the ride was started.”

Police sealed off the ride in Langer Park while the victim was freed by two fire crews working with officers from St John Ambulance and East of England Ambulance Service around 8.30pm last night .

She was strapped on a spinal board with suspected back injuries.

Julie Ashford, who dealt with the incident as part of the St John Ambulance team, said: “We were called to assist a young man with an ankle injury. It was during that time that we were then asked to provide urgent assistance to a young woman who was believed to have slipped during an amusement ride.

“The young woman was complaining of back pain and it was necessary for us to call the fire brigade to assist in freeing the woman from the ride she had been in.”

One 15-year-old witness said: “We didn't really know what had happened and it was very frightening. We heard there had been an accident and we saw the firemen trying to get the woman out and no-one would tell us how bad she was hurt.”

Another said: “I had been on the Waltzer earlier but the bar holds you in place really tightly so I don't know how you could fall out. She must have been terrified.”

The funfair was not closed and the Waltzer was able to re-open again soon after 9pm.

n Do you know the young woman injured? Ring the Evening Star Felixstowe newsdesk on 01394 284109.

N See pages 14 and 15 for a picture special on the weekend carnival.

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