Fall in drink-drug death smashes

SUFFOLK: Drugs or alcohol played a part in 15% of fatal road smashes in Suffolk last year, new figures have revealed.

The statistics show a marked improvement from 2009 when ten of the 42 – or 24% – death crashes involved drink or drugs.

But figures have not yet been released for this year, which saw the tragic death of Laureen Hammond, 20, who was killed in a car crash near Bromeswell. Luke Burdakay was under the influence of drink and drugs when his car ploughed into Miss Hammond’s vehicle in February.

The data release, from Suffolk police, comes as the constabulary launches its annual drink-drive campaign, which runs throughout June.

Each Christmas The Evening Star runs an anti-drink drive campaign by naming and shaming those convicted of such offences.

Adrian Dawson, chief inspector of Suffolk police, said: “Summer is a traditionally a time for enjoying the long warm days and socialising with friends. Our message is clear, have fun, but if you do have a drink then don’t get behind the wheel and drive. We are committed to tackling drink and drug driving and if you think you can break the law you will be caught.

“The percentage of road traffic collisions where alcohol or drugs was a contributing factor speaks for itself.

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“Those offending need to realise that they not just putting themselves at risk but other innocent road users as well. This is a very serious issue and can have severe consequences.

“We are urging people to be sensible, be safe, and arrange a lift home, or appoint a designated driver. If you are going on a night out, remember to book a cab, choose a nominated driver or, if you are at a friend’s house, stay over for the night.”

To tell police about someone drink or drug driving, call 01473 613500.

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