Fans’ disappointment as some turned away from rain-affected Nitro Circus show at Foxhall Stadium

Nitro Circus Live at Foxhall Stadium.

Nitro Circus Live at Foxhall Stadium.

Fans have been left upset and out of pocket after they claim they were turned away from a stunt show because of bad weather - only to find the event went ahead slightly later than scheduled.

Action sport collective Nitro Circus came to Foxhall Stadium in Ipswich yesterday to perform a variety of dynamic tricks and stunts.

However, the torrential downpours during the afternoon left the ramps and tracks to wet for the performers to safely ride.

Some fans on their way into the stadium grounds claim they were told the event was being postponed and would instead take place today, so turned around and went home.

Sunday was nominated as the reserve date in case of incliment weather.

Those fans who had gone through the gates were advised that the show would be delayed while they waited for the weather to pass, and when it did riders went out onto the track and slid down the ramps with towels while the crew used mops and leaf blowers to dry out the performance area.

The show eventually started 90 minutes later than the advertised start time.

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Helen Walters and husband Kevin, from Colchester, were among those who say they were told the event had been called off.

She said: “We got through the first gates as it started to rain.

“It was hammering it down and people in hi-vis were saying its been rescheduled and would be on today.”

The couple decided to go home and then out for dinner but when Mrs Walters took a look at the show’s Facebook event page she saw it had gone ahead.

She said: “I’m absolutely gutted. We paid the money for the car park. It had been raining for about 10 minutes.

“We came from Colchester, it was just over an hour to get there. The tickets were £42.90 each without booking fees. Then there’s the petrol and then £2 for parking as well.”

As the show was not cancelled, Mrs Walters fears she may not get a refund - concerns that are shared by many others on the Nitro Circus event Facebook page.

She added: “I don’t blame Nitro Circus – rain is rain. But the miscommunication is shocking.”

However, those who were lucky to see the show were treated to a thrill-a-minute event with crowds wowed with stunts that at times looked like they defied physics.

A team of freestyle motocross riders, along with BMX riders took to the ramps, with some riders even getting air in less conventional methods of transport, including an armchair, a kayak and rocking horse.

Once the show got started riders gave it their all, performing backflips, double backflips, no handers and supermans, among other tricks.

However, one of the stars of the show, Aaron ‘Wheelz’ Fotheringham, was sadly not able to perform a jump in his wheelchair due to the bad weather.

Nitro Circus were unavailable for comment.