Felixstowe: Anger on the buses as complaints are taken to commissioners

PASSENGERS’ complaints over late buses, changes in routes, fare rises and cuts in services have today been taken to the Traffic Commissioners.

Town councillors in Felixstowe have received a number of complaints about changes to bus services – with residents angry that there was no consultation.

There has been widespread disruption in the area with people claiming buses have failed to show, making people late for work or forced to miss appointments.

In Trimley St Martin, services from Ipswich have been halved.

Graham Newman, town and county councillor, said there was no consultation on the changes, which were neither requested or wanted by passengers.

“I think we need to register a protest and the public distaste for what is happening but whether it produces any turn-about is another issue entirely. We can only try to get behind our residents,” he said.

“The county council is not responsible for these routes because they are commercial routes so the only recourse we have is to write to the Traffic Commissioners.”

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The council has also sent details of the complaints to First Eastern Counties Buses and also asked the resort’s public transport liaison officer to make representations.

First Eastern has blamed the delays to buses on major roadworks in Ipswich – saying the Ipswich Fit for the 21st Century initiative was causing “severe delays” to all bus services across all local operators.

“We are monitoring the situation, including delays in Felixstowe and our commercial team are taking appropriate action as needs arise,” said a spokeswoman.