Felixstowe: Anger over new homes for Langer Road

FAMILIES are today pleading with planners to reconsider controversial proposals for new homes at the bottom of their gardens.

The scheme has already been given the go-ahead – but town councillors are now asking for the matter to be reviewed and rejected.

The design of the homes has been branded “aesthetically unacceptable” amid claims they would look more like an industrial estate than housing.

Developer Barry Blemmings has been given the go-ahead for five new properties on a site once occupied by old garages and workshops, off Langer Road in Felixstowe – providing the flood evacuation plan for the properties is acceptable.

Families in Marina Gardens and Langer Road are upset that permission has been given, and say they have “serious concerns”.

They don’t believe the properties fit the character of the area, especially as they will have to be built on stilts to protect them.

Environment Agency officials say the area – where the devastating 1953 floods struck – could end up 2.7metres deep in water in a surge tide.

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Residents concerns include claims that:

? The elevated nature of the development will cause serious overlooking, loss of light and loss of privacy.

? House design and materials proposed are poor and out of character.

? Access drive is too narrow and visibility on to Langer Road is poor, creating additional dangers.

? Inadequate access for emergency vehicles.

Brian Alford, of Langer Road, said: “This is already a flood area and the surface water has to go somewhere.

“Sometime in the future there will be a flood and their garages might be underwater.

“It is so close though to the end of gardens in Marina Gardens and Langer Road, it is a worry that they will overshadow some people and won’t fit in.

“The residents overall are for something being put there, but its got to be the right thing for us.”

A Suffolk Coastal spokesman said: “The plans which have originally been considered by the town council had been significantly altered, with the developer taking account of some of the issues that had been raised by the town council, residents and others who had responded to the consultation.

“Potentially, it could mean that the plans could yet be reconsidered by the sub-committee if particularly strong new objections are raised by the town councillors.”

Mr Blemmings was unavailable for comment.

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