Felixstowe: Entertainments boss features in hit Inbetweeners film

A local businessman has become something of a minor celebrity after appearing in a box office hit.

Charlie Manning, 33, who owns Manning’s Amusements with his family, was delighted after he got to play an extra part in The Inbetweeners film, which has been at the top of the UK box office for a month.

Mr Manning was sent an invitation through Facebook to take part in casting for the film and after sending photos to the movie’s bosses he was sent to Majorca to take part during the pool scene.

He said: “I watched the series on TV and thought it would be quite a fun project. We didn’t meet the guys [main characters] but there were about 50 of us doing all the poolside scenes – it was really fun.”

Despite the film looking like it took place in the middle of summer, it could not be further from the truth as Mr Manning revealed the temperature outdoors and in the pool was far from warm.

“It was the start of March and we had to be on set every day from six in the morning until 6pm or 7pm. I had to dive into the pool – it was pretty cold – it was like an English summer.”

While Mr Manning admitted filming in Majorca in March was great fun he added that his favourite part was finally seeing the film on the big screen.

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“The best bit was seeing the end result and watching the film. I’ve had a few messages from friends asking if it was me in the film.”

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