Felixstowe: Half marathon future to be decided

The future of the town’s half-marathon is set to be decided today as police and organisers meet in an attempt to find an alternative route.

The two groups are due to sit around a map this afternoon to find possible new routes after police said the current option, which crosses three major junctions, is not safe and they withdrew their support.

Organisers of the race have already conceded the race is unlikely to go ahead this year if there is a change of route, but are hopeful that if a route can be found it will go ahead next year.

Richard Farnworth, chairman of the Felixstowe Road Runners, who organise the race said: “We will go in there with open minds and see if we can reach an agreement.

“This year I think we will have to bury it because there’s just not enough time, but we want to get a race back on next year.

“It might not be for me, but for the young people, at least there will be a race for them.”

Inspector Steve Gallant hopes by sitting down with organisers an alternative can be found.

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He said: “The meeting will be a chance to discuss the various issues and also to sit down with a map and look at possible alternative routes.”

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