Felixstowe: Happy medium needed to solve pool temperature row

CAMPAIGNERS trying to get the temperature turned up at seaside town’s swimming pools have met with the leisure centre’s boss to explain their concerns.

The group – which set up a Facebook page which has attracted almost 600 supporters – met general manager Mark Taylor, of centre operators DC Leisure, to discuss swimmers’ complaints about the pools, which they claim are too cold.

Although the three-times-a-day temperature testing shows the three pools are between 27C and 30C, parents say their children’s lips have turned blue after only a short while in the water, and a number of families say they now travel to Crown Pools in Ipswich instead.

At the meeting, campaigners say they were told the temperature was set at 29.8C in order to provide a balanced temperature range for differing activities in the pools at the centre in Undercliff Road West.

The main and learner pools operate via a single circulatory system so the temperature would be the same, but there was the possibility of making the baby and toddler pool slightly warmer as it had a separate tank.

A report of the meeting published on the Facebook site said: “Air temperatures are being investigated further in order to ensure that we are operating at the optimum settings, including the transfer from change, foot spray and poolside areas into the pool.

“It was highlighted during our discussion the importance of this balance and the perceived feeling of coldness in the water should the skin be hot or cold prior to entry.”

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The group were told that while some swimmers may have a preference for warmer temperatures, there were other swimmers who believed it was too warm for speed swimming, and a “happy medium” needed to be found.

Despite the concerns, swimming participation has increased over the last couple of years at Felixstowe Leisure Centre and DC Leisure said it continued to be a very popular venue for swimming and other activities for residents and daytrippers.