Felixstowe: Haulier backs call to stabilise price of fuel

A HAULIER has backed calls to stem fuel price increases, warning they are pushing firms to the brink.

Paul Dawson, the managing director of Felixstowe-based Deben Transport, was speaking as MPs debated a parliamentary motion to stabilise prices.

It was tabled by Conservative MP Robert Halfon in response to a 110,000 signature e-petition that urged action on fuel prices.

The motion was approved by MPs without a vote but it is not binding on ministers.

The Government plans to hike fuel duty by 3p a litre in January, which will mean an extra �1.50 to fill an average car.

“It’s terrible,” said Mr Dawson. “We talking to customers who are deeply affected by fuel prices and the increases. The problem we have got is their customers in places like China and Taiwan don’t understand what we’re talking about.

“I think it’s affecting all haulage firms, whether you move the boxes by road or railway the fuel increases affect everyone.

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“I think it’s got to the point where people have had enough; people see they’re not making any money so they ask why are we doing this?”

“Every motorist should be behind this, it’s not just truckers, everyone’s been impacted by this.

“The Government is reaping billions every year, fuel duty must be its biggest income. It’s unfair, why are we being taxed more than everyone else?”

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