Felixstowe: Hopes are high for a running track in Felixstowe

RUNNERS in Felixstowe are today eagerly awaiting the outcome of negotiations which could see a running track created in the resort.

The negotiations come after the announcement of a proposed sports shake-up which could see sports teams in the town move locations such as Felixstowe and Walton United’s proposed move from Dellwood Avenue to Eastward Ho!

Councillors and runners have admitted the negotiations are still in their very early stages and a running track in Felixstowe could still be a long way from becoming a reality.

However runners in the resort are still excited by the prospect.

Felixstowe’s deputy mayor, Mike Deacon, said: “It’s very sketchy but the district council are looking to create sports hubs in Felixstowe.

“They would like to put an all-weather track on one of them – it was suggested that the Felixstowe Road Runners might like to manage it.

“It would be absolutely brilliant to have a running track.”

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It is thought the track would be created at one of the new sport hubs and Cllr Deacon believes one of the resort’s sports clubs would be receptive to the idea of a running track because it could also be used for them to train on.

Richard Farnworth, Chairman of the Felixstowe Road Runners, has welcomed the negotiations and he believes a running track in the town would benefit residents.

He said: “It’s a great opportunity with the Olympics coming up to do something for young people so they have something to use.

“I am so passionate about seeing something like that developed in Felixstowe.

“It’s good news.”

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