Felixstowe/Ipswich: Dangerous caterpillars also found in garden at resort

Brown Tail moths at Landseer Park

Brown Tail moths at Landseer Park - Credit: Contributed

A group of potentially dangerous caterpillars which can cause skin irritation and breathing problems if touched have been spotted in a garden in Felixstowe.

Samantha Evans, 28, had previously seen the group of brown-tail moth caterpillars in a bush outside her home in Melford Way.

But it was not until a similar group was found in Landseer Park, Ipswich, on Wednesday that Miss Evans realised what the creatures were and the dangers they can potentially pose.

Miss Evans said: “It looked like there were little maggots on it at one point but now you can see they are caterpillars.

“I just thought I better stay away when I found out what they were.

“They are spreading all over the bush and you can see where they have been because the leaves are dead.”

Miss Evans, a retail merchandiser, has also been forced to keep her six-year-old daughter away from the group because she suffers from asthma.

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She added: “I was told that it affects breathing problems and I just thought that if that adds to asthma then it is not going to be good.”

Brown-tail moths have up to two million spiked and barbed hairs which can penetrate the skin, causing an irritant reaction.

A further group of caterpillars have been found near the pond at Landguard and signs have been erected warning people not to touch them.

A spokesman for Suffolk Coastal District Council: “The general advice is to avoid where possible but if you do come into contact, wash immediately. If you do have any concerns or have an adverse reaction, get medical advice immediately.”

Yesterday, a group of caterpillars which were found by a dog walker in Landseer Park were sprayed and the area around them was cordened off.

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