Felixstowe/New York: Storm couple send message to say they are safe

A SUFFOLK couple holidaying in storm-battered New York have sent a message today to their friends and family to let them know they are safe.

Teacher Sara Gillespie, 33, and her boyfriend Martin Phillips, 35, arrived in America at the weekend with the country battening down the hatches as Hurricane Sandy headed for the cities of the eastern seaboard.

But the couple said they had not felt in any danger, but had heeded warnings and stayed indoors during the height of the storm.

Later they went out exploring, visiting Greenwich village and parts of the downtown financial district, though some areas here were no-go because of flooding.

“It has been very windy and there has been a lot of stuff blowing about,” said Miss Gillespie, a teacher at the Felixstowe Academy.

“We know a lot of people back home have been worried about us but we are fine and have not felt in any danger.

“The subway has been closed which has been a bit of a pain and when we tried to visit Central Park we found it was closed because of the possible danger of falling trees.

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“We were out earlier in the day and the weather was miserable, but we stayed in the hotel bar and our room when the hurricane was due to hit.”

The lights had flickered at their hotel on Time Square but no power was lost.