Felixstowe: Port operations disrupted by strong winds

STRONG winds through the night brought a halt to operations at Britain’s biggest container port, which expects to be closed for much of the day.

As gusts hit 45mph, operational limits at the Port of Felixstowe were exceeded – the conditions too dangerous for the high-rise quayside cranes to load and unload cargo, and both rail and yard work was affected.

“For the safety of all port users we are currently restricting access to operational areas. Vehicles are being marshalled on site and will be processed through to operational areas as soon as it is safe to do so,” said a port spokesman.

Trinity Terminal and the new berths, eight and nine, are all closed, and latest weather forecasts indicate that winds will not ease to safe working levels all day.

Hauliers already on site now face some delays and truckers have been advised to consider re-schedule their arrivals and not to travel at all unless they have a booking slot.

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