Felixstowe: Robson can finally write his blog again...after street goes a week without internet

HOMEOWNERS in the resort are finally back online today after going nearly a week without the internet.

Residents in Western Avenue, Felixstowe, had been without BT Infinity internet since last Monday and despite several calls, it was not until yesterday that the problem was finally resolved.

The problem was reported in several homes along the street and Penny Parker, a puppy walker for Guide Dogs, was among those affected.

Having no internet meant she was unable to see if she had been invited to give any talks for the charity or if anybody was arranging a charity event.

It also meant the Ipswich Star’s fourth guide dog, Robson, was not able to do his weekly blog which he has been doing for more than six months.

Mrs Parker added: “I’m touching everything wooden that I’m now up and working.”

A spokesman for BT said: “If anyone else in the area is having problems it is essential they report to their service provider.”