Felixstowe: Save Our Fire Crew petition nears 1,000-name mark

FELIXSTOWE: Signatures are rolling in to support the Evening Star’s campaign to save the resort’s full-time fire crew from the chop, as the petition nears the 1,000 mark.

Residents across the Felixstowe peninsula and beyond are furious about Suffolk County Council proposals to axe the resort’s permanent fire cover, meaning the loss of 14 firefighters, in a bid to save �210,000 from its ever-tightening budget.

But campaigners say this would leave the town – filled with hotels, homes for the elderly, seaside attractions and the biggest container port in Britain – at risk as people wait for retained firefighters to assemble or a permanent crew to travel in from Ipswich.

The council is embarking on a public consultation exercise later this month, and says cuts are needed across the board because of more stringent budgets being imposed by Whitehall.

But town barber Jim Adams said it was “ludicrous” that day-time fire crews could be axed.

“Having a crew there during the day is essential – they are able to respond so quickly to anything that happens,” he said.

“We cannot afford to lose a service like that. This is a busy, thriving town and we need to be assured as businesses or residents that we will get the fastest response possible.

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“The council should look elsewhere for its cuts and I would urge everyone to sign this petition.”

Shops and businesses across the resort are queuing up to keep copies of the petition at their counters and offices to attract as much support as possible.

And concerned residents are pledging their support for the campaign in their droves, whether by signing the petition in person, returning one of the printed forms or lending their backing online.

Our Facebook group, Save Felixstowe’s Full Time Firemen, has also attracted a massive following with more than 300 members having signed up to the cause.

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