Felixstowe: Security review as third group of travellers camp at resort

COUNCIL officials are to carry out a security review as they prepare to evict travellers from yet another Felixstowe car park.

After years without any visits from the travelling community, the resort has suffered several problems in the past month – with council officials set to take legal action for the third time.

First, a group of caravans, cars and trucks set up home on the 17-acre south seafront site, where work has now started on a �25 million homes and maritime park development.

They were moved after being told legal proceedings had been started against them and the land was then securely fenced.

Then a second group arrived in town and moved onto the free Garrison Lane car park.

These left after a week, but it is not yet known whether those who have now parked caravans on the Landguard Common car park, at the end of Manor Terrace, are the same group or a new one.

The group is taking up a number of parking spaces on the western edge of the car park.

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A Suffolk Coastal spokesman said: “Officers were due to visit the site on Friday, and the council will take legal action if necessary to remove these travellers from our car park.

“This latest incident has prompted a review of our facilities to see if there is more we can do to make them inaccessible to travellers and their caravans, but clearly there are limits on what we can do if people are so minded to gain entry.”

Previously the resort’s open spaces and car parks were no go areas for travellers. After a series of camps a decade ago, the council put earth bunds around recreation grounds and other vulnerable sites, and height barriers at the entrance to car parks to prevent caravans and other large vehicles gaining access.