Felixstowe: Site search still on for parkour park

FREE-runners are refusing to give up their search for a site to set up a parkour park in a seaside town.

Councillor Doreen Savage said an initial look at potential places, especially those centrally located, had not found any suitable sites for the popular activity.

“They would still like a permanent place where they can establish a parkour court somewhere – it’s an uphill slog but the group is trying to raise money and is still keen to find somewhere to do it,” said Mrs Savage, chairman of the town’s play, leisure and sports facilities working party.

“They are very enthusiastic and in the meantime are looking at practising in indoor sports venues.”

Concern has been voiced over “free-runners” jumping off buildings, roofs and other structures on the seafront at Felixstowe.

A park would provide specialist obstacles to allow the free-runners to practise and enhance their skills, and for training sessions to be held.

Councillors have expressed some concern though over the degree of ongoing challenge needed to satisfy people who enjoy the sport and the continual need for updating a park and the costs that would involve.

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Felixstowe is home to one of the country’s top free-running teams, Escape Reality, who last year took part in a national tour, performing in London, Manchester, Wales and Scotland.

The award-winning six-man group has this been to America to take part in the national Fitness Universe competition, with performances shown across the globe.