Felixstowe: Travelling artist forced out of town

A Banksy-style artist who arrived in Felixstowe to spend the summer creating a massive pebble mural says he has been forced to leave – after residents complained.

Mysterious Dr Geebers – who refuses to reveal his real name – had been due to create the artwork to raise awareness of homelessness.

But the 35-year-old has packed his bags and left town following complaints over him camping on the beach and playing his radio.

The episode has left a sour taste for Felixstowe mayor Doreen Savage, who said she was disappointed Dr Geebers had decided to leave.

“I am really sad that he has gone and with obviously not a very good impression of Felixstowe,” she said.

“He was not doing any harm to anybody and not intruding. It’s a great pity and not in the spirit of what he was trying to do, which was bring people pleasure.

“He was here on a creative project and we were all looking forward to seeing his work and it could have been a very nice added tourist attraction for the summer, especially as we try to promote art on the seafront through Art on the Prom.”

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Homeless Dr Geebers has travelled along the British coast for the last two years creating sculptures out of pebbles he found on beaches.

He arrived back in Felixstowe this week to create one of his biggest art pieces yet – but he has decided to move on.

Writing on his Facebook fan page, he said: “Someone put a complaint in about my tent being next to a beach hut and having my radio on.

“So I flipped my lid – my mistake but then again that’s life.”

Dr Geebers, who has been likened to graffiti artist Banksy thanks to his mysterious identity, set off from Brighton two years ago.

Felixstowe was due to be his last stop before reaching London.

He plans to write a book about his trip soon after he completes the journey with all cash raised going to homeless charities.

Speaking to The Evening Star earlier this week he said: “Felixstowe helped me out a lot the last time I was here.

“It was February and out of season but the local people came out and supported me.

“I came back because I want to put the town in the book twice.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk Coastal District Council said: “A member of staff had noticed a tent had been placed against a beach hut, which is not allowed under the beach hut’s licence which stipulates the area surrounding the hut cannot be obstructed, and music was being played quite loudly.

“He does not need a licence to carry out the art work although people are not permitted to camp over night on the beach.

“The police have been made aware and will be visiting him at the site if he is still there.”

Was Dr Geebers causing any problems, or should he have been left alone to finish his project? Write to Your Letters, Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN.

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