Fire ravaged home back on the market

A HOUSE ravaged by fire a year ago has been restored and is today ready to be sold.

A HOUSE ravaged by fire a year ago has been restored and is today ready to be sold.

The four-bedroom house at Foxhall Road, Ipswich, was destroyed in a fierce blaze which ripped through the roof of the bungalow on June 30 last year.

The fire was started accidentally by the owner of the property Steve Carter when he was doing some repair work in his loft.

Mr Carter said: “I was up in the loft re-routing the main water supply.

“I couldn't hold the blow torch anymore so I put it down on the work service and I started to exercise my limbs to get the cramps out of them.

“The flames from the blow torch were rising about 9inches in the air and they set alight to a piece of the roof that was hanging down above it. It just turned like a sparkler.”

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Mr Carter's son Terrance tried to pour water onto the flames but was engulfed by smoke and suffered from smoke inhalation.

Mr Carter also had to spend the night in hospital with minor injuries.

The family spent the following two months in hotels and then moved to rented accommodation until recently when Mr Carter moved back to the property.

The chalet style detached bungalow has four bedrooms and an attached annex.

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