Friends quiz set to come to Ipswich

Are you a Friends super-fan? Picture: PA

Are you a Friends super-fan? Picture: PA - Credit: PA

An Ipswich pub wants to know “How you doin’” as they are set to host a Friends quiz.

The evening which is dedicated to the 90’s American hit sitcom will be held at Yates in Ipswich.

The quiz which is being held to celebrate the much loved show being added to Netflix will be on Tuesday, February 27.

Tickets will be available to purchase online on Tuesday, February 6 at 3pm - a ticket link will be posted here.

The doors for the quiz open at 7pm and the prize for the winning team is £80.

In the tone of Chandler Bing - “Could we be anymore excited?”

Prepare for the quiz by testing your Friends knowledge with our quiz.