Fuel prices level out

PETROL prices look to be showing some consistency on forecourts in and around Ipswich.

Tom Potter

PETROL prices look to be showing some consistency on forecourts in and around Ipswich.

The Evening Star's weekly fuel watch survey has shown costs seem to be falling in line with each other after oil prices dropped to their lowest level in almost four months.

Prices varied wildly back in May when petrol stations only a mile apart were selling unleaded and diesel at a difference of up to 5p.

Now there is a trend emerging for garages to follow suit when rival companies take off a penny or two, with unleaded at 108.9p at many filling stations in the area.

In the UK, average petrol prices have fallen by almost 12p during the past month, peaking on July 17 at 119.9p per litre.

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The average price of diesel has fallen from more than 131p per litre to around 120p, a saving of 6p a litre.

Supermarkets are leading the way in gradual price cuts but the cost of food has gone in the opposite direction, with the average cost of a loaf of Sainsbury's bread up almost 20p since February.

But a spokeswoman for Sainsbury's said the drop in fuel prices does not reflect a rise in inflation, saying: “Obviously we try and keep prices as low and competitive as possible and from time to time customers will see a drop.

“In recent months we have cut prices by 2 or 3p on a couple of occasions and we have run promotions in stores to help shoppers save money.

“Sainsbury's has been leading the way in terms of the benefits of a reduction in the price of oil being passed on to customers.”

But the cost of running a car is still proving too high for some as a number of drivers choose to take their cars off the roads.

A study carried out by Trafficmaster examining traffic on 34 UK roads found congestion fell by 12 per cent in the first six months of this year, compared with the same period in 2007, and that people are generally driving slower on the motorway to save fuel.

The study comes after the Department of Transport released figures showing which showing the number of cars on the road had decreased in the first two quarters of this year, compared with the same period last year, while the number of new cars sold in Britain in July fell by 13 per cent from June.

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