Gallery: Andy Cutting scores back-to-back perfect 300 games at Kingpin in Martlesham

Andy Cutting recently scored consecutive 300 games at Kingpin Bowling Alley in Martlesham Heath.

Andy Cutting recently scored consecutive 300 games at Kingpin Bowling Alley in Martlesham Heath. - Credit: Su Anderson

Achieving perfection is the Holy Grail in sport. There is simply no better way of etching your name into folklore.

In snooker, Ronnie O’Sullivan would have to score consecutive 147s to truly immortalise his legacy. Phil Taylor, the 16-time world darts champion, would have to hit back-to-back ‘nine darters’. Cristiano Ronaldo – maybe two hat-tricks in a cup final?

But what about ten-pin bowling? Would back-to-back perfect games of scoring 300 – a total of 24 consecutive strikes – allow you to be considered a sporting legend?

It is thought it has only been achieved four times in Britain.

But after one glorious night at Kingpin in Martlesham, you can now make that five, because Andy Cutting, a Grange Farm sales rep by day, achieved that unheard-of feat.

“I was just in the zone,” he said. “It was just one of those nights.”

It came during the weekly Orwell Motorcycles Monday Night Doubles League last Monday night. In the first of three frames in his match, he scored 213, but then went back to his original, favoured ball and hit two perfect 300s.

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The 36-year-old said: “It has only been done four times in this country, and if you make the assumption that at 20 centres with 25 people a night playing five nights a week over the last 25 years, there have been five million attempts.

“To put it in perspective, it does not happen often!”

After the first 300, he did not celebrate, allowing himself only a “little fist-pump”.

“I took a screenshot of the score and thought to myself ‘let’s do it again’. I’d never felt like that before,” he said.

“After the third strike in the next frame, I said to Rupert (manager of Kingpin) ‘do you want to see another one?’ It was really cheeky but that’s just me.

“Before the last strike, everyone stopped and gathered round, around 30 to 50 people. They knew what was going on and cheered me on. I kept a cool head, did a good shot and thought I could do no more.

“When the pins went down, a little smile came out.

“It has been years of practice. You just stand there and do what you normally do. Never celebrate until you have done it, otherwise you are in a different frame of mind and will do something different.”

He won the match but was still on a roll. In practice afterwards, he hit five more strikes, taking his tally to 29, before perfection finally evaded him on that mythical night.