Gallery: Rocky the rabbit a Suffolk Show winner for reporter Gemma Mitchell

Daryl Fruen with Rocky the continental giant

Daryl Fruen with Rocky the continental giant

My best in show by a clear mile had to be Rocky, the award-winning continental giant rabbit.

Weighing in at 20lbs, the big ball of fluff was larger than your average cat, and way cooler.

Travelling to Trinity Park from South Lincolnshire, you’d think the two-year-old bunny would be slightly irritable, but he was lovingly docile and more than willing for a cuddle.

Breeder Daryl Fruen, from Cherry Bee Stud, said: “They are getting more popular, they have only been bred in this country since the early 90s - they come from Belgium, Holland and Germany originally.

“They make the best house rabbits, you can let them use the cat litter tray and they’ve got a really good nature, they are really gentle.”

Also along for the bunny ride were siblings Goliath and Gilly, as well as Uyri, which won third prize at The Suffolk Show’s rabbit competition.

The record for the biggest continental giant sits at 65lbs in weight and 4ft in length, said Mr Fruen, who breeds the rabbits as a hobby alongside his day job as a heating engineer.

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Cherry Blossom Stud breeds its rabbits for showing and sells the ones that don’t quite make the flop for anything between £60 and £100.

For a continental giant to compete in a show run by The British Rabbit Council, which is The Kennel Club of the bunny world, they must be at least 65cm long, with a big, bold head, an ear length that is 25% of its body length and a shiny, dense coat.

Mr Fruen said Rocky had taken home prizes in the past, but was taking a rest from competing this time round.