Gallery: Seeing double as Ipswich twins’ club celebrates birthday

Anyone passing by Chatterbox Children’s Centre might have thought they were seeing double as a unique Ipswich group celebrated its very first birthday.

Ipswich Twins and Multiples Club was started last year by three mums-of-twins – Moira Bryan, Finlay Black and Rebecca Skilton.

The group, which meets at the Chatterbox centre in Copleston Road, is the first of its kind to be set up in the town.

The youngsters enjoyed a picnic lunch and the chance to run around and play games in the garden before munching on a number one-shaped birthday cake in honour of the occasion.

Mrs Bryan, 40, is mum to Zoey and Lucas, 20 months, and older brother Olly, four.

She said: “It was an opportunity for us to say thanks to everyone for coming and here’s to the next year.”

The group has seen at least 25 different families come along since it started – with some mums coming along when they’re pregnant and then coming back with their bouncing babies. The youngest twins to be brought along to the group were just six days old.

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Fiona Farrell from Kesgrave first came to the group when she was pregnant and now brings five-month-olds Liam and Connor.

She said: “Ipswich Twins Club has become a place where I love being a mum!

“There are always lots of twins and a very friendly bunch of mums to chat to.”

Ipswich Twins offers a chance for parents of twins to meet up and share their experiences with other mums in a similar situation while youngsters can make some new friends.

Other siblings under eight can also come along and join in the fun.

Finlay Black, mum to two-year-olds Rhys and Harry, said: “Thank you to all those who continue to show their support for Ipswich Twins.

“It’s been fantastic meeting all the different families over the past year and we hope everyone carries on coming along.”

Originally running just once a month, the group has been so well received that the mums and twin tots now meet twice a month, on the first and third Tuesdays of each month from 1.30pm to 3pm.

“It tends to be mums, but dads are welcome too,” Moira said. “The group hasn’t got any triplets yet, but multiples are very welcome.

“As well as meeting at Chatterbox, we’ve also been to the hospital with some other Suffolk twins groups to talk to expectant families, and we have information available from the Twins and Multiple Birth Association (Tamba) national charity about different aspects of life with twins.

“It all helps to make sure that families with multiples feel supported.

“We’d really like to say thank you to everyone for coming and thank you to Chatterbox Children’s Centre.”