Generous duo help to change a life

WHEN they were children Daniel Dickings and Kate Parish were sent on separate but equally magical dream holidays to Florida.

WHEN they were children Daniel Dickings and Kate Parish were sent on separate but equally magical dream holidays to Florida.

The pair didn't know each other at the time but about 15 years on they are a couple and have decided to help the charity which changed both their lives.

Mr Dickings, from Eyke, and Miss Parish, from Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, are organising a charity disco at Melton on October 14 to raise between £1,000 and £1,500 - enough to send another child with chronic physical disabilities or medical conditions on a dream holiday.

Mr Dickings, 21, said: “We thought since we had such a life changing experience it would be nice if we could send another child on a trip.

“I was only seven when I went to Disneyworld. It was my first time away from my parents and it was great.

“It was my first time abroad and my first time I'd ever flown on an aeroplane. I've never forgotten about it.”

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Mr Dickings, who has spina bifida, went to Florida in 1992 thanks to The Special Suffolk Dream Holiday Appeal, which was started in 1988 by former Ipswich Hospital children's nurse Debbie Logan.

Miss Parish, who has the rare genetic condition Larsen's Syndrome, was chosen for a trip to Florida the previous year and just like Mr Dickings she has never forgotten her experiences and always been thankful to the appeal.

Eighteen years since the holiday appeal was launched more than 100 children have been sent on a dream holiday.

Mr Dickings and Miss Parish met while playing wheelchair basketball at Northgate sports centre two years ago. They have been together for 15 months and are excited about the prospect of helping another child.

“Trips like that can help children see there is light at the end of the tunnel,” Mr Dickings said.

Mrs Logan, of Rowan Close, Claydon, said the pair's efforts to send another child abroad was fantastic.

She said: “It's the most amazing donation. I am so proud of them both and thrilled that, all these years on, the holiday is remembered and I am touched that they want to put something back for the other children.”

The charity disco and buffet will be held at St Audrey's Social Club in Melton from 7pm on October 14. Tickets are £6 and they can be purchased by calling Daniel Dickings on 01394 460 645.

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