Ghost-filled night at fort

GHOST hunters had their “best ever” all-night session at a haunted fort - with spooky goings on aplenty.

GHOST hunters had their “best ever” all-night session at a haunted fort - with spooky goings on aplenty.

The events at Landguard Fort at Felixstowe are proving really popular with paranormal societies from all over the country visiting for the thrill of possibly meeting a spook or spectre.

At the most recent event hosted by the London Paranormal Society, there were three mysterious incidents - one, like a bolt of lightning, witnessed by several people.

Writer and historian Richard Bradshaw, who gives ghost tours at the fort on Sundays and looks after the teams who put on the special events, said the society was really pleased with the best ever activity.

He said: “In one room several people were present when they all saw what they described as almost like blurred lightning going across the room and in the haze there was a blue door.

“When it cleared there was nothing there at all, just a solid wall.

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“There have though been a number of doors blocked up over the years and this could have been one place where this happened.”

In a staff room, three times people heard what sounded like a cat scratching at the door to get in and each time there was nothing.

Mr Bradshaw heard in another place sounds like a chair being scraped on the roof but when he investigated upstairs it was a locked store cupboard.

The previous month a group reported the ghost of the Portuguese woman, driven insane by her soldier husband's death by firing squad in 1757 and committed suicide by throwing herself off the ramparts, being “very active”.

On September 12 North West Spirit Seekers will be holding a ghost hunt at the fort from 9pm to 3am. Tickets are �59.

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FASTFACTS: Spine-tingling Landguard

The ghost of the first ever soldier to be killed in action at the fort during World War Two was witnessed immediately after his death, terrifying his fellow colleagues.

The image of a sailor has also been seen looking out of a window - even seen from the road outside.

A Musketeer who was said to be the only soldier killed in the battle when the Dutch attacked the fort in 1667 during the last invasion of England by a foreign force. He only seems to appear when the country is in danger.

The victim of an infectious plague who was locked in the bastion in 1770 and left to die a slow, a horrible death.