Ghoulish tale is comfort to landlords

IT IS something of a comfort to pub landlords Belinda and Mark Rudderham that the previous owner occasionally pops in - except that he died 500 years ago.

IT IS something of a comfort to pub landlords Belinda and Mark Rudderham that the previous owner occasionally pops in - except that he died 500 years ago.

Living at the Magpie Pub in Stonham had certainly become an eventful experience with items going missing, lights flickering and windows being open and shut.

So the pair employed the help of one of the locals who claims to have spiritual powers and were shocked to discover the ghost could be Thomas Harrison, a landlord at the pub from around the 1500s.

The pub regular said she had felt a strong presence in one area of the restaurant, which happens to be the oldest part of the building.

Mr and Mrs Rudderham took over the 15th century pub last August and said there had been a number of unusual incidents since they moved in.

They said they are not spooked by the goings on, but that is not necessarily the same for their two dogs who often stare at the door for no reason and refuse to sleep anywhere else but the bathroom.

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Mrs Rudderham, 42, said: “We were told it is the old landlord who keeps coming back to check on us.

“He doesn't stay here all the time. He is a very mischievous ghost and loves to hide things, turn the television on and off and shut the windows. We have even heard our names being called and there is no other explanation for it.

“I am quite a nervous person with anything but this ghost doesn't make me feel uncomfortable.

“He is very friendly though I would not like it if I saw him. Our chef and barman said they saw a figure they initially thought was Mark but it turned out he was in bed so it must have been the ghost.”

The landlords, who ran the pub just before the Rudderhams, also reported odd goings-on, and once spotted a female ghost in the pub, which originally dates back to 1481.

The couple are happy to live with their visitor for now but are keen to find out more and would love to hear from a spiritualist who could shed more light on it.

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BELINDA and Mark Rudderham, who have three grown-up children, became so fascinated by their very own ghoul that they got an official genealogy report done in a bid to explore the history of the pub further.

It was discovered that the frame outside the pub, which runs across the A140, use to be used for hangings.

One night a corpse had been left out there and a passing horse and carriage failed to see the body and smashed into it, resulting in the death of the coachman.

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